Nikko – 5 of 15

After Kyoto we were off to Nikko. Nikko was about a 5 hour train ride from Kyoto.

Nikko, technically, is a city made up of 11 “small” cities located in a mountainous region – Tochigi Prefecture.

We arrived at a stop off the Nikko Line, in the middle of the Japanese countryside (the featured image). We had about 1 hour before the hostel owner was scheduled to pick us up so we left all of our stuff at the post office by the train stop and we decided to walk the countryside. It was a nice contrast to the bustle of Tokyo, it was a very peaceful walk.

Soon the hostel owner, Scout, came and picked us up in his van. We then drove about 30mins to the hostel.

The hostel we stayed at was one of the most interesting hostels we stayed at. The hostel is called “Space Riverhouse Hostel” located on a river, literally in the middle of the mountains. Here is a link to the Hostelworld page of the hostel:

Our hostel on the river
Our hostel on the river
River by the Hostel
River by the Hostel

We settled in, it was around dinner time. There was a German family, and a traveler from Singapore. We all decided to go out to the dinner place Scout recommended. We got in his van and he drove us there. It was a nice experience to have dinner with everyone. The next day we decided to go to the city of Nikko itself.

More to be added soon!


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